Hardwood Flooring services in Orlando, Florida

Hardwood Flooring services in Orlando, Florida

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Hardwood Flooring Services in Orlando

What is Hardwood Flooring?

Solid hardwood floors are made of planks milled from a single piece of timber. Solid hardwood floors were originally used for structural purposes, being installed perpendicular to the wooden support beams of a building known as joists or bearers. With the increased use of concrete as a subfloor in some parts of the world, engineered wood flooring has gained some popularity. However, solid wood floors are still common and popular. Solid wood floors have a thicker wear surface and can be sanded and finished more times than an engineered wood floor.


Are you looking for the Best Hardwood Flooring Service in Orlando?

Best Hardwood Flooring Services in Orlando:Gaia Stone Gallery

The best services for flooring services in Orlando, Florida are delivered by Gaia Stone Gallery. They offer a wide range of products with top-quality materials with warranties.

Highlights of Hardwood Flooring offered by Gaia Stone Gallery in Orlando:

Hardwood flooring is classic and elegant and will increase the value of your home. There is no substitute for the durability and beauty of a real wood floor. One of the main advantages of having Hardwood floors is that they don't collect dust or allergens, many health associations agree that hardwood flooring is the best choice for a healthier home.


There are 3 types of wood-cuts for hardwood flooring

  • Plain sawn (The most common cut. Contains more variation due as the growth rings are more conspicuous)

  • Quarter sawed (Wood twists and cups less and wears more evenly)

  • Rift Sawn (The cut is at a slightly different angle than quarter sawn)

The possibilities are endless when you bring Natural beauty through your hardwood flooring. Learn more...

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Why choose us?

Professional installation

  • We focus on every detail of your product.

  • We can install around your schedule on in-stock options.

  • Installation and product warranty

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