Replacing cast iron pipe with pvc in Pompano Beach - (786) 694-1905

Replacing cast iron pipe with pvc in Pompano Beach - (786) 694-1905

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Price USD 50.00

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Are you looking for replacing cast iron pipe with pvc in Pompano Beach?

Pompano Beach is one of the cities in South Florida with highest need of cast iron replacement or repair. Since 2020 there is a boom in the real estate of Pompano Beach and investors and develpers want to buy an renovate the houses.

Many houses in the Pompano Beach area have cast iron and the best solution for buyers is replace the cast iron with PVC.

When you decide to replace the cast iron of a property you need to create tunnels or in a traditional way. But in the area tunnels became the first solution formost home owners.

In Pompano Beach we recommend to use Plumbers 24x7 - Emergency Broward Plumbers services. This company have been offering cast iron pipe replacement since 2006.

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Frequent Asked Questions

1.-  What is the cost of cast iron replacement with pvc in Pompano Beach?

Well not every project is the same, and has the same dificulty. But we can say that cast iron replacement using pvc in PompanoBeach and most South Florida cities goes from $200 to $425 the lineal ft.

2.-  How long cast iron pipe last in Pompano Beach?

Well, Pompano Beach is a city very close to the beach to the corrosion will work harder than in cities like Plantation, Weston and Davie just to mention some examples. 

3.- When cast iron pipes needs to be replaced?

As soon as the cast iron start creating clogs or just fall, then itis the time when you can not wait longer.

4.- Do plumbers still use cast iron pipes? 

No, by code PVC is the one installed in Florida since 1970.


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