World Kitchens & Granite West Palm Beach

World Kitchens & Granite West Palm Beach

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Location West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach,

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World Kitchens & Granite West Palm Beach

World Kitchens & Granite is the ideal kitchen & cabinet store, where you will find both High Quality Products to buy and Custom Installation Services.

World Kitchens and Granite is welcoming homes demand one to expect more from a kitchen design firm. We have designed hundreds of well-functioning, innovative kitchens for your South Florida friends and neighbors. The imaginative services of our West Palm Beach, Florida based design firm will transition your kitchen into other rooms of the home, integrate complex kitchen design with aesthetics and highlight forms well as function.

As a client of World Kitchens and Granite you willl “view” your kitchen before the cabinetry is even built specifically for your home. Hand drawn floor plans, elevations and perspectives are of course standard with every kitchen-remodeling project. Just a few of the many ways we cater to our clients!

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